"Boston’s George Woods has developed an uncanny knack for allowing his songs to tap into raw human emotion."

- Michael Marotta, Vanyaland

"There is an almost epic quality to the songs of this man. The arrangements are electric and inspiring…and still man, that voice. Its like a fine wine that needs to breath and fills the air with it’s aroma, eliciting some sort of craving for more. Sweet and soothing but deep and emotional. Too good."

- Brian Carrol, Red Line Roots

"Ruggedly pretty... Recalling a bit more of a downhome Jack White, Woods bravely shows vulnerability on these tracks, soulfully singing out pain."

- Zac Weg, The Deli Magazine

"Heartbeat feels at once layered and complex, but then also of a piece. It’s an album that not only bears repeated listens, it rewards them."

- Nick DeRiso, SomethingElseReviews

"When Woods makes music, he dives into his own experiences and spills out his heart."

- Nitesh Gupta, Sound Of Boston

"As the house lights go down, and the band queues up, the chills of excitement have already starting coursing through your body. When the lights slowly come back up, you're welcomed into a different world, a pleasant break from your own - a world dreamt up by George Woods and narrated by songs from his band’s latest album 'Heartbeat.'" (for Heartbeat: A Modern Dance Rock Concert)

- Emily Fromm, NeverBeenHeard.com

"No where near lacking in the songwriting skills department, George takes listeners through a storybook of personable lyrics, melodic adventures, and grooves that will keep your mind on track as you ride along these 13 songs of awesome."

- Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennesee Music

"George Woods reflects the emotional highs and lows of love in the music of heartbeat... wonderfully artistic and real."

- Wildy Haskel, Wildys World