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"Ruggedly pretty... Recalling a bit more of a downhome Jack White, Woods bravely shows vulnerability on these tracks, soulfully singing out pain." - Zac Weg, The Deli Magazine

"Boston’s George Woods has developed an uncanny knack for allowing his songs to tap into raw human emotion."
- Michael Marotta, Vanyaland

"There is an almost epic quality to the songs of this man. The arrangements are electric and inspiring…and still man, that voice. Its like a fine wine that needs to breath and fills the air with it’s aroma, eliciting some sort of craving for more. Sweet and soothing but deep and emotional. Too good." - Brian Carrol, Red Line Roots

"Heartbeat feels at once layered and complex, but then also of a piece. It’s an album that not only bears repeated listens, it rewards them." - Nick DeRiso, SomethingElseReviews

"When Woods makes music, he dives into his own experiences and spills out his heart." - Nitesh Gupta, Sound Of Boston

"No where near lacking in the songwriting skills department, George takes listeners through a storybook of personable lyrics, melodic adventures, and grooves that will keep your mind on track as you ride along these 13 songs of awesome." - Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennesee Music