About Heartbeat: A Modern Dance Rock Concert

The George Woods Band is thrilled to return to the Oberon Theater in their critically acclaimed show Heartbeat: A Modern Dance Rock Concert in celebration of the release of their new EP titled Backyard Sessions. Heartbeat infuses live music and modern/contemporary dance to immerse the audience in a stunning life story full of drama and soulful love affairs. This show will include music from the new EP and the first George Woods Band album, “Heartbeat”. This live phenomenon will be taking place in Harvard Square Cambridge at the Oberon Theatre for a four-show run on September 21st, 26th, 28th and October 3rd, 2014. Show times are 10:00pm (Fridays) and 8:00pm (Sundays).

The show is based on the touching true story of bandleader, George Woods and his relationship with his fiancé’/background singer, Heather Smist. Dancers bring to life soul-wrenching songs through Jennifer Crowell-Kuhnberg’s intricate yet relatable choreography. Performed in the round using the Oberon's full 360 degrees of theatre space, the audience becomes active participants in an extravagant party that celebrates love, throughout life.

Heartbeat’s last run in November 2013 saw all three shows nearly reach capacity at the Oberon Theatre. Boston.com called Heartbeat A unique experience for the audience, and Emily Fromm from NeverBeenHeard.com called the show a different world, a pleasant break from your own.

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